D7100 - Face close-ups test images, harsh lighting, ISO 1600-6400

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Re: Not for people shooting.

mistermejia wrote:

RudyPohl wrote:

Open invitation.....

So how about in order to help us Nikon newbies (and others) evaluate if this camera is any good for anything other than shooting birds and squirrels with $3000+ lenses, some other folks start posting a few more face shots under various real-life lighting conditions?



I already tried requesting that.  No go.  We are not in the season for people yet, and clearly this exciting camera was designed more for birds.

I am actually VERY surprised Nikon did not put a Bird Call Imitator in this camera, at least one that goes Quack! Quack! Quack!  Nikon should have called this camera the Bird 7100

LOL, I hope they add cat call in the first firmware update.

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