R3000 problems and - no end in sight

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Bruce Oudekerk
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Some thoughts:

Obviously these marks are caused by ink getting somewhere it shouldn’t be and then is transfered back onto the suceeding print(s).  Here are a few  ways I have experienced this.  Unfortunately much of this has been discussed.

1. Printing on thick stock where the head hits the surface and transfers elsewhere.

2. Over spray from printing full bleed/borderless prints.  The excess ink gets transferred elsewhere via a variety of moving parts and surfaces.

3. Ink buildup.  After a while all inks congeal and tend to become the consistency of axel grease; typically at the wiper and capping areas.  This ‘stuff’ can be transferred to other parts of the printer.  The most problematic is the bottom of the print head itself.

4. Hairs or dust bunnies can transfer ink to other places in the printer.

5. Printer or computer gliches where the head sprays when it shouldn’t …say on a wiping cycle between prints.

6. Missing or malfunctioning rollers can allow freshly inked surfaces to transfer from one print to another.

All of these ways can happen with a perfectly funtioning printer with the exception of #6 rollers.  And this can sometimes be difficult to percieve.  Epson repair should be able to diagnose this...BUT...

Most of these ways presuppose ‘dirty’ internals where the most difficult place to clean is the underside of the head.  Every printer I have ever seen somehow gets ink inside itself where it shouldn’t be even if its from some bad paper feeds.  Often it presents no problems but all too often it does.  And when it does, I clean thoroughly and completely.  Personally I use PLAIN original Windex… mainly because it works so amazingly well these last 15+ years and I’m loathe to use anything else that MIGHT prove problematic over time.  For someone who has not done this before, I think that the best advice is to use disposable gloves and tons of Q-tips.  Use them once and throw them away into a basket with liner.  I have clamping forceps available for hard to reach places (on some printers).  I try to avoid 'blotting' with (plain high quality) kleenex because of tissue residue but sometimes its such a mess in there that isn't possible.  Tiny amounts of ink will dilute and cover the entire known universe and that isn’t much of an exaggeration.  This means that when you think its clean, you might only be starting.


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