Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Get a custom built PC if your main use is photo editing.

if you are considering a workstation for photo/video editing , nothing can beat the price/performance  ratio and ease of upgrade of a custom built PC . if you have someone in the neighbourhood or a PC shop nearby who can help you with assembling a PC ,it´s the best thing to do.

1. you can decide what components you want in your system and buy it yourself and you can upgrade it anytime you wish, no guarantee problems by opening the PC case by doing so, you have the usual guarantee on individual parts so replacing anything is easy.

2. would you really wanna send in your PC or Mac to the service centre with all your photos and private stuff?(not much of a problem if you shoot landscapes, but someone who do portraiture or any kind of people (specially something with less cloth;-) photography might get in trouble if someone in the service centre gets curious)

3. on a custom built PC you can use a 128GB SSD for OS and the usual HDD for storage so you can take it out anytime before sending it for repair.

4. you get a lot more for your money than you get from Apple or Hp or dell or anybody. try adding 16 GB ram instead of 8 GB on a mac config from the Apple store and see how much they charge for the additional 8GB RAM ( which you could  get for some 40- 50$  from your local store).buy it- plug it- in start working, no sending anywhere no waiting for few days etc,etc.

there is no arguing Macs are a better system because of it´s functional simplicity and less virus / software problems but then again it´s a closed system,and there is the biggest problem . upgrading and repairing costs too much compared to other systems once you pass the guarantee period.

i´d say, get someone to assemble the fastest intel i5 processor based system if you are on budget or get a i7 based system with 16 GB Ram and the fastest Passive cooled graphic card along with a 128 GB (for OS ) and 2x 2GB HDD for storage and you are set to go.

try )for more info on the PC´s the Dpreview of hardware world :-))

cheers, Ken

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