Good 50mm Lens For Sony Nex ... on a Budget?

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Re: Good 50mm Lens For Sony Nex ... on a Budget?

Louno wrote:

Mojn wrote:

I got a Chinon 50mm 1.7 for 20$. It beats my AF Nikkor 50 1.8 and Olympus 50 1.8 in sharpness and bokeh, but not my Nikkor AIS 50 1.2 (different price point though). You might also take a look at the Cosinons, especially the 55 1.4.

Adapters: Got my 4 KiwiFotos adapters for ~40$ each. They are all perfect.

Wow, interesting, i just looked at some samples, there aren't much but the few I saw looked really sharp with nice bokeh too, do you have any?

If you want to get into food photography invest a little more and get a nice micro Nikkor 55mm 2.8

they are the sharpest lenses that were made and they have a nice bokeh and they were

made for tabletop photography..... just beware of a little problem they can suffer from sticky blades

from time to time.....

These lenses were so sharp they were used for lots of purposes in Hollywood in the film business

when pictures were blown up to theatrical size.....

The scene of Indiana Jones Raiders of the lost ark in the cave were shot with that lens on an F3 that was stop motioned.......


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