Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Re: Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

It basically comes down to a handful of things that have nothing to do with image quality.

If you like the Apple ecosystem, which is to say when you have Apple hardware there are certain paths, for better or worse, that you must go down for most software and hardware, that's one reason.  If you hate the Apple ecosystem that's a good reason to not get into it.  Personally, I've been a Mac user since the Mac Plus and I've always preferred whatever the current Apple system and interface is to the same for Windows.   That's just me, but it's a big reason.  I have to spend time in Windows occasionally and I don't enjoy it.   That's just me, but it's a good reason to be with one or the other, probably the best if all other things are close to equal.

Much software is available for both (PS, LR, etc) and are nearly identical (though you have to be in that OS and enjoy it).  Some are only in one or the other (Aperture, FCPX for Macs, many examples for Windows).  So, as been said already, if you want Aperture you have no choice, if you want LR that's not a reason to switch.

Not to get into an OSX vs Windows thing, but that's essentially what it is and it's 80% personal preference.  I have never minded what many see as the "Apple user tax" but all that really is is that you can find a wealth of cheaper PC laptop and desktop alternatives.  But my preference for OSX and the hardware quality and Apple ecosystem always outweighed any perceived higher cost.  Never felt I didn't get my money's worth.  Note that it's not that Macs per se are that much more expensive, just that there are buckets of companies cranking out PCs from $300 to $3,000 and with Apple you have to deal with what they offer.

I find using my Macs much simpler than being in Windows.  Everything is done more directly and going to less popup boxes and menus, though of course a lot has to do with the fact that I'm not deeply versed in Windows.  But when I read about what people do to solve their Windows problems my head spins with all you need to know about.  I have a lot of Apple hardware and am always able to easily take care of any OS issues that may come up.  When it happens on my wife's ASUS I feel like shooting myself if I have to tackle it  :  )  and I know it'll take a pot of coffee and an afternoon.  Again, that's just me.

If that stuff is all no problem with you then you're someone for whom it's not a factor and I wouldn't hold it up as such.  It's hard to rationalize much of the difference, of whatever difference there is.

But to answer your original question, no, I wouldn't say that in 2013 a Mac is better than a PC for photography.  I don't think there's much specific to photography in 2013 between the two that matters.  I was doing things on my Apple Quadra 650 in 1993 with a SCSI drive that would blow the minds of my Windows friends (they would sit with their mouth hanging as I did file management in two minutes what would have taken them an hour) but those days are gone.  Fun times, though  :  )

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