EPL 5 or NEX 5R

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Re: EPL 5 or NEX 5R

i bought the NEX 5R partly for the touch shooting, and i gotta say that while touch focus works fairly well, the 5R's touch shooting is the worst i've used.  it can't be used in all focus modes, and most of the pics i touch shoot are out of focus where virtually all the pics i took by touching my panasonic G3's screen are in focus.

that being said, i find that the stabilization in my 5R and my panasonic m4/3 lenses is more effective for me than was the IBIS in my briefly owned E-PL1.  i'd say i got 90% keepers from the E-PL1 but more like 99% from the panny and sony lenses.  i haven't handled an E-PL5 yet, though.

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