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Re: 1/2, perhaps

panos_m wrote:

Ok. I failed to convince you that Bresson was wealthy. But maybe it's more interesting to discuss why you think that wealth and great photography (and also great art in general?) cannot go together.

Well, my original points (to the op) were that good photography is good photography and the who or what that created it is irrelevant and secondly, the people that post well here should continue to do so regardless of their gear.

As to why I think wealth and great photography rarely go together, well, that's simply an opinion borne of observation.

Ok. I failed to convince you that Lartique was responsible for even a fraction of a percentage of great photography. I just want to add here for completeness (and as a last attempt to better support my argument off course ) whatJohn Szarkowski wrote about Lartigue in his "Looking at Photographs" (page 66):

No, you didn't fail to convince. He quite clearly was way ahead of his time it's just that when viewed as contemporary photography his work seems ordinary. To his credit, his work does stand up to contemporary photography and might still be an influence on new photogs.

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