HX300 vs HS50 vs FZ200 w/ TC 1200mm vs 1000mm vs 1020mm?

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Re: HX300 vs HS50 vs FZ200 w/ TC 1200mm vs 1000mm vs 1020mm?

AdamT wrote:

The lens and the TC, they are awesome together at f/4, but the cornes can get blurry at times...the Spot Focus Point was on the large sticker/tag in front of box...

Ij all fairness, that TC was designed for the CP8800VR which has a totally different lens , it`s a miracle it does as well as it does ..... the best I found for Pannys was always the big heavy Olympus 14B which was designed for the E10 and E20 . no corner issues but it`s only 1.4X hence why it fell from favour to the Nikon

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The 14B was OK on a 4MP camera but anything higher and it was crap.

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