Why Exposing to the Right (ETTR) is BAD!

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digital facts of life for beginners

1. If you shoot JPG, you need to shoot at the exposure that is as close to the final image as is possible. JPG files have limited post-processing capacity.

2. ETTR matters only if you shoot RAW and are willing to post-process. Do you know about curves, mid-tones contrast vs global contrast, etc? If not willing to post-process, shoot at the "ideal" exposure for out-of-the-camera use.

3. This is a beginner's forum. Don't do ETTR. Take a few post-processing classes (an introduction to Lightroom, PSE, PS, Aperture, whatever). Then revisit the subject.

4. There are situations where an experienced photographer shooting RAW will ETTR. ETTR is not inherently "BAD".

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