Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Re: Resale Value

AndyGordon wrote:

Having read all the posts I can't add much more to your thinking beyond I use both - win at work, mac at home and will not move to win for home - I much prefer OSX to Win 8 and the whole Eco-system (MacBook pro, iPhone, iPad etc)

A common comment is that Mac's are expensive, and they are on first purchase, but they do hold their value for resale. I have a 3 yr old MacBook Pro - cost £999 new and they are currently going on ebay for £520 - £600. Makes for an easy subsequent upgrade for just £450 to £500 second time round.

I have not seen many (any?) win based systems retaining that much value after 3 years


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I suppose resell could be an upside to a mac in some situations, especially if you only have one machine. Personally I have 5 computers in my house (My workstation, my wife's workstation, son's pc, HTPC, and a file server). Generally when I upgrade my machine I rotate them down. My wife uses my old one, her old one moves to the living room, the older HTPC goes to my son, and his machine gets moved to file server duty. Then I take that oldest one and give it away or donate it to someone who needs a computer. The life span of a PC in my house is long enough that by the time one is retired, it's useless for anything serious anyway. Being that I can build a windows machine for far less and I use a rotation method, I save a lot of money in the long run.

As far as the eco system, personally that doesn't do much for me. For a phone, an iPhone is too big and feels like a brick in the pocket for little benefit (I'd really hate to carry one of those huge Samsung phones!). Instead I carry a much smaller weatherproof android phone. I find that a phone is useless for any serious internet use and only use it for that in a pinch (which is once every few weeks). Otherwise I use it for phone only or watch youtube on it occasionally while sitting in the truck waiting for my son to get out of school. When it comes to tablets, I still find them too small for anything serious (there are those new 20" tablets on the market now, but you still have a touchscreen interface, albeit that the touch KB us actually big enough for me to use with my somewhat large hands). Guess I am old school, I love a big monitor and a proper kb+mouse interface. I'm almost always surrounded by real computers, so mobile devices don't do much for me.

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