Differences in PS editing from portable or desktop external hard drives?

Started Apr 1, 2013 | Discussions thread
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AlexNewstead New Member • Posts: 6
Differences in PS editing from portable or desktop external hard drives?


I want to edit images in CS6 from an external drive, which do you think would be better....

The portable LaCie rugged 120gb SSD?



The desktop Seagate Backup Plus?


I can get both for around the same price....the LaCie offers SDD speed while the Seagate would offer more storage, (not necessarily a problem as I have 2 other HDDs).

I'm looking for opinions on how much faster the portable LaCie would be whilst editing files from it in PS.

Also, what real world differences in performance would there be between the desktop Seagate Backup Plus and the portable Backup Plus version, does anyone know how fast the drive is inside the portable version?

A colleague of mine just uses portable drives to edit from with a desktop PC, but I can't imagine this would work well with larger files and I'd thought he'd benefit by using 7,200rpm drives with more cache?



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