In love with the FZ200 right out of the box

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Ruth Lipnick
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Re: In love with the FZ200 right out of the box

Rodger1943 wrote:

Hi Ruth, Good to see you finally took the plunge and got the FZ200. Despite what you think, I thought your image was excellent, even at 100% it looked pretty good. You have to remember that it is a small sensor and blowing up the images too much will reveal its heritage. My rule of thumb is that if the image looks good at full screen on my 15" laptop, then I'm a happy camper. Whenever I blow up the image its never all that great. The fact that you are coming from a DSLR, may cause you some anguish in this area, but I have had very few images that look good magnified up to 100%. I can also see the difference between my camera and others in a bird photography group I belong to. At a smaller size, my images look as good as theirs, but once we start blowing them up, mine fall away in quality, whereas theirs still look pretty good. All this means in practical terms is that you can't re-produce as bigger prints off your shots as you can from a bigger sensor, but bearing in mind that most people either never print their images, or only print up to a A3 size, then you won't see any significant difference. Of course, there are other advantages of having a bigger sensor, but there are also advantages of having such a small package as the FZ200, that makes it worth using and using a lot. As you become more familiar with the camera, you'll find you can get better with its operation and use it to full advantage. There are lots of thoughts here on what settings are the best. Most seem to settle on Noise Reduction -2 and Sharpness -1. I have tried those and found that for birding, that the feathers seem a bit blurred to me. You may find different and I advise you to try those settings and see, but I tend to use NR-1 and Sharpness +1. There does seem to be some differences between individual cameras and may be the reason I can't reproduce the results that others are getting using the -2 -1 setting. Only testing by you will determine what's best, however those settings offer you a starting point.

I guess my concern is the printability of a cropped image. However, I can't see printing birds ultra big and putting them on my walls. I don't want to go through a Tippi Hedren experience. I'd more likely take a few and use them as a group.

Thanks for all the advise about settings. I'm going to have to spend a lot of time trying things.

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Panasonic FZ200

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