What is the best m43 for focus tracking?

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Re: Question should be "what is the least worst"

Cane wrote:

Chris R-UK wrote:

Mirrorless cameras, with the exception of the Nikon 1 series, are poor compared with DSLRs at tracking moving subjects.  If the subject is small and fast moving like birds in flight mirrorless cameras are very poor.

Most bird photographers in this forum use single shot focusing for birds in flight because continuous focusing is effectively useless.  Single shot focusing can actually give quite good results although the hit rate is lower than with a DSLR and in my experience it is very difficult to get shots that require perfect timing, e.g. a diving bird hitting the water.

I think that the responses so far indicate that no M4/3 camera has yet solved this problem.

If you want to shoot relatively large and slower moving subjects M4/3 focus tracking may be OK but for faster/smaller subjects just accept that you will probably have to use single shot focusing.

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Chris R

I have had the same question as the OP's and am always confused by the answers. Oly claims they have the fastest AF in the world? What are they comparing it too, just other m4/3's? Everyone's like, "well it's fast, just not as fast as a dslr." Well how is that fast then?

And what are they focusing on when making this statement, sleeping turtles sunning themselves? I don't live anywhere that I can walk into a store and test any m4/3 so it becomes hard to sift thru the forums to get a real read on what it can do. I need to shoot moving toddlers, and even have trouble with dslr's  many times. So what's the real deal from a tech point of view, not a 'method' point of view.

My understanding of the "tech point of view" is that current m43 CDAF systems are faster and more accurate to acquire a first lock on a target. I believe they even have an advantage when the subject is in motion as long as the photographer is able to keep the subject in the focus box.

The major advantage of PDAF systems is that once they have a lock on a subject, (as long as you can keep the subject in the focus box) they are better at maintaining focus on that subject as to moves in the z-direction (towards and away from the camera). Phase detect systems can calculate whether a moving subject is moving towards or away from the camera and can follow focus more quickly. Contrast systems have no inherent way to tell whether a subject is in front of or behind the focal plane so they have to move and take measurements in both directions before they are able to determine in which direction an out of focus subject has moved.

CDAF systems are catching up to PDAF systems in this type of C-AF circumstance as processing and focus motor speed are getting faster.

Where does the gh3 or OM-D rank in AF speed and tracking of ERRATIC AND QUICK moving objects when compared to all cameras on the market? Also, where does it compare using live view and not a viewfinder? Most dslr's seam to lag at this. Anyone tried a recently released dslr live view or something similar vs. m4/3? I'd think you'd start to be comparable here.

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