Pentax new cameras with Silkypix software only?

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Re: Pentax new cameras with Silkypix software only?

Hummm, you seem very inexperienced in the use of the computer in general, in which case, it is understandably difficult to figure things out.  SPix is no more difficult to use as any other software, though it does have a somewhat different user interface I will concede, which may seem confusing to some at first.  I for one felt the exact same was as you did with Lightroom 4, and my first attempt to using this software was... what a piece of junk, can't even figure out how to open a photo, never mind editing it !  It took me spending several hours going through tutorials to "get it" and appreciate its capabilities.  The same can be said about Silkypix (which I love by the way).

In Silkypix you dont' "export" to JPEG, you "develop" the images, which is done by clicking on the "gear icon".  You can also batch process a number of images if you wish.  You don't apply camera settings, you alter colors, contrast, WB, sharpness etc.  Once you get the hang of SPix it is actually extremely simple to use and has the widest support to cameras on the market.  It does not have some of the advanced functions of LR4, but at least, unlike LR4, it does not create post processing artifacts either, which was my biggest disappointment with LR4.  I learned to like LR4's more advanced processing functions, but couldn't live with the way it eventually deteriorates the IQ when using them.

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