Compact DSLR vs. OM-D

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Agree with all the comments about pros and cons. I have both OMD and D3200. And I only use OMD because of size and weight. Both bags have 6-7 lenses to cover my needs. The only thing I don't have for OMD is big flash for bounce light for family events. I just don't have the energy anymore to carry the big bag whole day with me. Kills all the fun of taking photos. The quality is comparable, wide angle, mid-zoom, tele lenses. I don't use 2.8 zooms, For OMD I have 9-18,14-42,75-300, plus 4 primes. For Nikon I have 12-24,16-85,70-300, plus 4 primes.

Annoying things about Nikon D3200 – no bracketing, Nikon always strips down extra functions from lower models. Fix: I can do bracketing by hand manually on tripod. Live-View is so slow – Fix: I stopped using it.

Annoying things about OMD – movie tearing while panning in AVCHD mode. Fix: I shoot motion JPEG. No CA correction in camera (only bothers me on 9-18 lens) – Fix: use LR4 and RAW.

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