French review of TG-2, note the high ISO performance

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I want a floating camera!

Does anybody agree that they would like their waterproof camera to float? As far as I know, only one camera ever did this, the Pentax WR that replaced the WR90 (forgot the model number).

The vendors don't really want this because dropping your camera into deep water will motivate you to buy a new one, and after all, replacement sales are all they have left nowadays.

BorisK1 wrote:

Is the E-M5 really WATERPROOF? I thought it was just rated "environmentally sealed. I would expect it to keep out dust and light rain but I would not expect to take on the kayak where it could get dunked underwater.

It's waterproof enough that you won't have to towel off your hands before taking it out of its Pelican box.

Big deal. That is true of all my Fuji F series cameras.

As is sometimes pointed out, there are no industry standards for "environmentally sealed" so while it is not exactly meaningless, it is not something you can depend upon.

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