isn't this rather elitist?

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Re: Camera vs photography forums

Hi Mike,

I agree that in general, the posts in a brand specific forum should center around a specific brand instrument. On the other hand, the name of the site is dPReview (Digital Photo or Digital Photography Review) and users of specific brands often use multiple brands and types of cameras in their work and/or hobby of photography. It's not unusual at all for conversations and discourse to deviate from absolute specifics and dry technicalities to other topics of photographic interest. It's simply human nature. In most of the forums it's not uncommon for an image to be posted made with one or more of the forum participants "other" cameras. Sometimes this is for compare and contrast discussion, sometimes simply because an image of the particular subject of conversation was not made with the camera or brand central to the specific forum.

An example of this recently was multiple photos which I took at Bryce Canyon using four of my different cameras: One a high resolution Sigma, one a higher resolution Nikon, one a lower resolution Nikon and the other a high resolution Canon. It was of interest to the forum to see how the different sensors handled the identical frames. In that case, it would make zero sense to post an image on four separate forums and "link" to these four different forums when the subject was only being discussed on one of them.

The point is that there are times when it is either necessary or desirable to post an image made with a different brand instrument. Whether it's a "lens" which is being discussed, a sensor, or even differences in how different brands handle specific situations. For a moderator to elect to "remove" or "move" an image made and posted by a frequent and long time contributor to that forum simply because that image was not made with a "camera body" of the brand specific to the forum seem both unnecessary and frankly, rude. That's all I'm saying.

The "purpose" of having moderators was ostensibly to mediate disputes, help control trolling and keep things civil. I find it more than a bit "heavy handed" to go to the extremes of making decisions to move posts to other forums. In my opinion, that's not what forum moderation "should" be about unless the issue became obstreperous and complaints were made by numerous forum participants.

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Mike_PEAT wrote:

Lin Evans wrote:

Which is a great reason for removing all EXIF information from a photo when the purpose of the post doesn't concern the mechanics, or electronics of any particular brand camera. It can't be "off-topic" if the topic concerns the aesthetics of the particular photo, location, subject, etc., rather than the specifics of a particular brand or model of camera.

But we're talking about the camera forums, not photography forums on this site...the brand x cameras are to discuss the merits and pictures taken with brand x camera, not some other brand.  In fact some forums ate limited to a particular model or series of brand x camera...I know in the Oly forums we've had issues with either new members or those who have switched Oly cameras posting in the wrong Oly forum.

As for stipping Exif, sometimes those posts get questioned because people want to know the settings, and which Oly body & lens was used.

If I take an image of the identical subject from the identical position with the identical lens with my Leica and one with my Canon and another with my Nikon, size them all to the identical pixel dimensions, post process them the same and post them side by side with all exif information removed, neither you nor anyone else can tell me which was taken with which camera.

What do you have about keeping posts in the proper brand forum?

What days were there when "pictures weren't allowed in the "brand forums?" I've been posting on dPReview since early October 1999 and that's never been the case. There were no "samples and Galleries" in the early days here.....

I've been on since 2002, and that's been part of the Olympus dSR forum's description for many years, up to a few years ago...I was upset when they start allowing the posting of people's snapshots in the forums.

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