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Re: Cool...non issue then.....


I think you're outnumbered here.

What I'm getting tired of are all the grab shots taken in junky light handheld with too slow a shutterspeed at nosebleed ISOs "proving" that the D7100 is a crappy camera because it doesn't have a Sony sensor in it.

I'd certainly like to see more than just fabulously captured bird shots (more than I've ever seen at one time on this forum, one reason why you hear an increasing number of crickets on the D300 threads), but the few properly shot photos offered here sure don't scream "avoid" to me.

What is becoming clear is that this camera rewards good technique.  You can say that of about every camera.

I'm enjoying the technical discoveries and conversation that they have engendered.  It's clear that folks are trying to wrap their heads around all the dimensions in which a camera can improve. And it is important to understand the limitations of your equipment.  I would, however, like to see more quantification as to where those limitations are.  "banding on 5 EV push" doesn't tell me too much.

As to why a 14-24 and no D800 yet, so what? A D7100 can use the 14-24 just as well (great landscape coverage set at 16-18) and a lot more people can afford a D7100.  I for one know that a D800 isn't in my future, so it's nice to see what can be done with a more affordable Grail.

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