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Re: Cool...non issue then.....

RomanJohnston wrote:

Horshack wrote:

Where did I imposed judgment cept on myself?


Where did I say you did?

In yellow above. Why did you write that as a retort to me if that is not what you meant to say?

Just curious.

You said it was the job of the photographer to understand a camera's issues and work around them, I replied it's the job of the forums to discover and discuss those issues so that photographers know what they have to work around, adding that the best way to achieve that is without judgement or pedantry. If I had to write footnotes in every post about which sentence fragments apply to specific individuals and which I hold as general axioms then my posts would run too long, just like this one has. It's also why it's generally best to not abuse passive pronoun constructions as a means to disguise intent.

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