Cost of repair E-500 sensor

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Re: Cost of repair E-500 sensor

photophile wrote:

You may recall a sensor fault developed on my E500 almost 2 years a go now. A thin vertical blue line a quarter of the way into the frame from the right hand side. The line is only really visible at ISO 800 and obtrusive at ISO 1600.  At lower settings it doesn´t show. Anyway, my in-laws live close to the Olympus service facility in Portugal (Coimbra). I popped in there briefly this morning with my father-in-law (Easter Mondays are not a bank holiday in Portugal). The staff were very kind to us - and understood the problem well. Cost of repair though: 174 Euros (approx 223 USD or 147 UK pounds). They wouldn´t budge on the price. So I said I´d think about it. Bear in mind that a used (good condition) E500 on Amazon is around 175 UK pounds.

I personally don´t think the repair is worth the cost - as much as I like the camera.  For one thing - I can still use it up to ISO-400 - so for day time shooting, its not a problem. Secondly, I have my E-510 in case I ever need to use higher sensitivity.  On top of all that, if I use the scratch removal tool in PSPX2, I can actually get rid of the blue line fairly well.

Anyone still think its worth getting the repair done ??

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I have an E500 and while I don't use it all the time I always like my photos when I do use it.  I have other cameras as well, the E-1, E-520, E-420 & E-3.  During a time when I was using it all the time I decided never to be without one and so bought a backup E500.  And knowing me, if I were in your predicament, I would have it repaired because Oly will check it over completely and repair anything else they find.  In the end it may cost more than 174 Euros, but it will be in pristine condition.  I would do that and pay the extra if they told me it needed a new shutter or something else just to have it in near-new condition.  I have done that with a couple of different cameras in the past and discovered a dirty viewfinder in one I got back.  I was sure I could clean it on my own & so never sent it back again.  The 4/3 viewfinders, however, are very hard to clean and I never managed adequately .  If that were to happen now I would send it back again.


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