D7100 - Face close-ups test images, harsh lighting, ISO 1600-6400

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Still welcome.

Brev00 wrote:

Anything shot with a D7100 is of high interest these days.  I guess you are trying to get a real life set of images for all of us to study, but, I think your choice of lens for this setting is pretty obscure.  If you were using a 50/85 prime or a 17-50 type zoom, I could understand the usefulness of the set.  But, shooting at 300mm indoors wide open is just not a common occurrence.

I often shoot wide open with a long lens at events. It helps when your unable to close the distance and still shoot this type of compositions.  I'm thinking this is fine. Might event be the only lens he had so still a valuable contribution to the forum. Perhaps not common but why would we want to only see common examples. In the next few months we will see a thousand D7100 portraits with "traditional" lens...I enjoy an example that pushes the limits a bit. Especially at the worst end of that lens...helps determine if pro glass is really needed.

A variable aperture lens is going to struggle so why put that distraction into a series of test shots of a camera?  A frog won't swim well in boiling water.

When preparing the frog for the table...his ability to swim doesn't always have to enter into it

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