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Re: Improving photo

There's a lot which could be done to this photo, to improve it. The most important thing, I think, is to work on the large, vary dark area at the right. Do you process your images? If so, try using layers and a layer mask together with a Curves adjustment, to brighten that dark area. If that succeeds, you could add some "local contrast enhancement" (a very badly named term) at about 15/45/0 for amount/radius/threshold. Sharpen last, to your taste.

If you don't process your images, you would do pretty well to let ISO go to 400 and keep aperture and shutter speed the same, which would brighten the dark areas but might blow out some of the lighter ones. If you shoot JPEG, try using the camera's HDR function at the settings you've shown here. Then consider that "local contrast enhancement" I mentioned ablve.

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