Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

Started Mar 31, 2013 | Questions thread
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Used PC's...4yrs ago but an iMac and have NEVER regretted it

I am a photo buff, I have 35,000 images in my pictures file and still growing.

I used PC's for years back to when 486DX 33 was top of the line, that was my first PC and after that I custome built each one 5 pc for me total and several for friends and family.

4years ago I was going to build a new PC, the price speced out at $1600, (motherboard, powersupply, chip, HD, Screen, software..ok at the iMac it was $1700 and I bought it...I have never regretted that desicion to this day.

Macs are well built and run a stable OS. OS's are a cheap upgrade at about $20 bucks not the $200 MS charges, there is NO free or trial software what is get is all yours free and clear no ads poping up in 30days ..this will no longer work unless you pay $100

How may people do you know that have gone from PC to MAC...and how many from MAC to PC?

there is a reason it called winblows..and

once you go Mac you never go back

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Photography, It ain't the same old Art form it used to be..

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