In love with the FZ200 right out of the box

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Ruth Lipnick
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Re: A Couple of Thoughts

ADSinger wrote:

First the manual. If you miss having it in your pocket, put it on your phone. Download the pdf version off Panasonic's web site. There are a number of free apps that will allow you to transfer the pdf to your smartphone. I use Files Lite on my iphone. Now I have the manual with me all the time.

In terms of post processing, you might want to try Lightroom, it is far easier to pick up than CS6. If you like LR you might as well shoot RAW since the photo finishing is the same for both it and jpgs. RAW files are edited with the same tools but have more flexibility. For the moment consider RAW and jpg together, play with the RAW images and see if you can improve on the result.

Meanwhile enjoy the camera, shoot lots, try all the settings, and have fun.


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Great idea, Alan, I will put it on the phone. I'm very used to PS CS6 but want to try Lightroom as well. Thanks.

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