Why Exposing to the Right (ETTR) is BAD!

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Re: ETTR and Blinkies.

JulesJ wrote:

apaflo wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

The histogram gives much more valid information than the blinkies. I know your advice is given with good intent, but I think you should do some more in depth research into the use of the histogram.

The histogram data and the highlight display data are identical,

no they are not, see my previous post.

Lets repeat that:  it is a fact, not an opinion, that the data is identical.

Both displays are generated from the same data derived from the in camera JPEG image. The only difference is how it is displayed.

Both displays are technically something that is an "histogram".  One histogram has roughly 256 distinct levels displayed across the horizontal axis and an auto adjusted vertical axis of a standard rectangular bar chart. The other has two distinct levels, one of which is set to some pixel value just at or below 255, and is displayed by using one color for those pixels on a bitmap showing pixel values for all other  pixels.

and neither is more or less valid.

yes they are. See previous post.

You inaccurately discussed how useful they are, not how valid they are.  They are from the same data and therefore have equal validity.  One is useful in this way and the other useful in that way... but are equally correct data.

It's just a different graphical display mechanism for the exact same data.

Mmmmm, see previous post.

Which said nothing about it.


Sometimes, when using the highlight display presentation, it can be quite useful to bracket three or four shots to see exactly how it changes, and then pick the exposure that does not blink in a particular area when the next higher exposure in the series did blink.

That is a complete waste of time given that you have the histogram to look art.

If you don't understand what it is, it might well be useless.  Many people on the other hand can instantly see usefulness in the highlight display and none in the standard histogram!

Both are very useful, for different things and at different times.  My default settings on the camera are to display a preview image with blinking highlights and an RBG histogram.

Or, conversly, choose the first of the series that did blink where the next lower exposure did not.

See above.

Above was rather  vacant.

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