Why Exposing to the Right (ETTR) is BAD!

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Re: Why Exposing to the Right (ETTR) is BAD!

Barrie Davis wrote:

Assuming that the light level is not increased, only increasing exposure (shutter or aperture or both) can expose "to the right." Raising ISO would defeat the intention of lowering noise, since it does NOT increase the signal to noise ratio, but reduces it.

Raising the ISO from say, ISO 200, to ISO 400 would reduce the SNR if the shutter and aperture are not changed, eh?

So, lets skip down to the last comment in the article:

Note: I am not prepared to explain in detail why a 400 ISO shot overexposed by one stop's worth of ETTR is actually exposed at 200 ISO.

This statement contradicts the first statement.

Once again, the reason to not explain this in detail is the same as before... it doesn't make any sense.

(Anf no it is not up to me to make sense out of what he has said.  He has to do that by making it clear what he actually does mean to say.)

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