RX1 in full auto mode: puzzling logic

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Re: RX1 in full auto mode: puzzling logic

Docno wrote:

If you've got a moving subject, you'd have probably been safer to set the camera to S-priority (set it to an appropriate speed) and Auto-ISO. There's no way that the camera can guess you have a moving subject, and so just goes with its best guess giving lighting conditions and assuming a stationary scene. That said, I do wish we could set a higher default than 1/80 (which sometimes feels too slow to me)

As I said, I shoot mostly M and sometimes A. I only set it to full auto for my wife to take a few photos, and I would have thought the "auto" part would be smart enough, since the camera is supposed to have an action or sports scene, to detect movement in the frame and use the appropriate settings.

And I hear you, I wish there were a way to set a minimum shutter speed. I hope this isn't something too complicated to address in a firmware update.

My point I guess is that since "auto" didn't seem overly clever, why did they even bother to include it on the RX1. After all, it's not really intended to be used in said mode... or am I looking at this wrong?

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