Just how crappy is the 16-50 kit lens? Test vs 17mm prime & 11-16 Tokina

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Re: Just how crappy is the 16-50 kit lens? Test vs 17mm prime & 11-16 Tokina

I have wondered about the very contradictung opinions about this lens since getting it 4 months ago and changing from Canon to this forum. After 40 years of Canon FD and EF(-S) lenses I was by no means disapointed by the 16-50PZ. Heck, it starts at 16mm (=24mm equiv.) and is a zoom. Do many people here remember how even expensive 24mm primes for FF performed a few years ago? No distortion and perfect corner sharpness? No!! - forget it. The corrected 16-50PZ image does fine at 16mm compared to even more expensive zooms. Perhaps my copy is better than a lot of others out there. I know QC is a weak point with just about all manufacturers these days.

The electronic operation and the required optical correction may cause discomfort for some of the more traditional minded users. The 16-50PZ is unlikely to be the lens to last a lifetime. But look at the size and the price (and the performance), and you should realize that those days are over (same as for many other appliances).

At 18mm FL and above it is even better and a remains a very good kit lens indeed. Don't forget that 16mm gives you photos that 18mm can't do. So when you compare it with the 18-55mm kit, please start at 18mm.

I have sold my Canon gear, so I can't give a direct comparison with that. But I am posting 3 images. The first is at 16mm and f/8 (slight corner falloff, could easily be sharpened in PP), the 2nd is at 25mm and f/5.6 (corners look great to me), and the 3rd is worst case at 16mm and 3.5 (still not terrible, but the content is harder to judge).


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