Lens dust and legal threat.

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Re: Lens dust and legal threat.

I agree, the buyer hasn't got a leg to stand on. Why else resort to threats whilst failing to provide any evidence?

One situation where I could see a way to make him happy, even though he doesn't deserve it by any means, is if the OP were to find another buyer willing to pay more. After all, the first buyer got a great deal on the lens. Assuming he hasn't damaged it in any way that might be a possible solution.

On the subject of pristine condition, as a buyer, I'd assume this means no cleaning marks or scratches on the optics or coatings, no fungus inside, and smoothly functioning focus ring and apertures. Pristine also includes something that personally doesn't concern me - a general lack of cosmetic faults and signs of usage. However, I would take it as read that there would be 'some' dust in the lens, just not enough to affect images. Where you draw the line of course is a matter of opinion.

Any genuine buyer actually concerned about the dust would not have declined the offer to have Canon look at it though.

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