French review of TG-2, note the high ISO performance

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Re: underwater housings

Jefftan wrote:

CAcreeks wrote:

Friend of mine just ruined an Olympus Pen (EP1?) on a kayaking trip because the plastic housing tore a seam.

Fortunately he wants to buy an OM-D E-M5, and will now!

I wish some manufacturer would make a better waterproof camera. We don't really need cameras that can be dropped from 50 feet, we need cameras that are waterproof and will float.

already one as you mention the E-M5 is a waterproof camera just expensive and large

as far as I know there is no weather seal pancake lens only that large 12-50mm which is not only large but also not very good

That E-M5 with a weather seal pancake will be a perfect large sensor waterproof camera

Is the E-M5 really WATERPROOF? I thought it was just rated "environmentally sealed. I would expect it to keep out dust and light rain but I would not expect to take on the kayak where it could get dunked underwater.

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