Why is Nikon so slow at fixing botched repairs?

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Re: Not so different than Canon, I'm afraid

Eamon Hickey wrote:

roustabout66 wrote:

Liviu Namolovan wrote:

They're cheap and poor managed, that's why.

I own and have shot both Nikon and Canon for years but until Nikon gets their QC problems under control and reverses their policy of not selling parts to independent repair shops I will not buy another Nikon.

Although the rest of your post may be perfectly sound, I just wanted to make a small correction on Nikon's policy about selling parts.

Nikon USA still sells parts to independent repair shops -- but the independent repair shop must be an authorized Nikon service center. There are about 20 of those in the U.S., last time I checked, in addition to the two Nikon-owned and operated service centers in New York and California. There is a substantial investment necessary to become Nikon authorized, and most independent repair shops don't spend the money.

What Nikon USA stopped doing was selling parts to independent repair shops who are _also_ not Nikon authorized repair centers.

It's an important difference for several reasons.

But again, that does not in any way contradict the rest of your post.

You are correct as far as you go. Perhaps I should have gone into more detail, but my posts are usually way too long as it is. As I understand it Nikon is not accepting any new "authorized" repair shops so if you are not a member of the club already you are not getting in. I also was told the fee for becoming an authorized shop (if you could get in) is about $100,000 and you are required to carry a mind numbing assortment of parts including Coolpix parts in every color of the rainbow. KEH one of the largest used camera sellers in the U.S. said in their blog that Nikon's new policy was why they were no longer a repair shop for Nikon. Any way you look at it, it is a step back for consumers in my mind. Roger's figures at lensrentals speak for themselves.

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