Maybe it' my aging eyes, but.......

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Hear, hear!

fotolopithecus wrote:

coudet wrote:

fotolopithecus wrote:

So far I haven't seen the biting sharpness I expected to see, from the D7100 without an AA filter. Resolution of course is stellar

Sharpness (at 100% view) is irrelevant. The thing that matters is resolution.

Perhaps, but I like tack sharp images, and I'm not talking about at 100%.

Well, I'm with you Fotolopithecus (and my eyes are ageing too!). I've yet to see posted here any D7100 bird photographs which present a genuinely overwhelmingly compelling case (to me) for abandoning my D300 with regard to sharpness, resolution and contrast - and most importantly (to me) definition of fine feather detail.

In fact, I do pretty well - at least in my eye - with my ageing D70. Indeed, did we not both participate a few days ago in a thread where the OP had shown a carrion crow on grass? Both the grass and the crow looked like they'd been botoxed.


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