Why I Prefer the E-5 over the OM-D

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Re: You've gotta be kidding me.

pris wrote:

Your denial of obvious is is beyond ridiculous. Anyone observing this forum for a number of years saw  numerous examples of what you claim took no place. You can continue by yourself, there won't be any replies from me anymore, as I see no point in proving that Earth is not exactly flat. Nor would it serve any constructive purpose to resurrect past battles by unearthing them, only to show you that they indeed took place - you will simply interpret them in your own way, just as you did in this very thread. Over and out.

I'd agree with you that they took place, that point is not in contention. But you can look at a great number of those instances and see that often who drew first blood was not those some insist on calling trolls.

Look at your own use of the phrase doom-and-gloomers, which you used to explain the reason you were able to buy a 50-200 so cheaply. Instead of putting the blame where it is due, you choose to denigrate a group of people who spent their hard earned money to buy Olympus gear at premium prices, only to have the rug pulled out from under them by the company they trusted. Look at the growing list of once staunch Olympus defenders who feel that they have been forced to look for other alternatives because their needs were not being met here, many who have come back to say that they are still in love with the good, but find it increasingly difficult to justify the bad. You refer to them as doom a gloomers, naysayers etc. Yet the market clearly indicates that apparently something ain't right.

The sad part is that a lot of those same people were guilty of being abusive to those who had the audacity to point out the shortcomings that have come back to bite all of us now. Ricardo took an awful lot of heat for complaining about the E-5 sensor, now everyone is anxiously awaiting the body with the improved sensor. When Luisflorit complained about the autofocus of the E-3, the same group of people that were previously singing his praises because he made their choice of camera look good, were quick to label him as incompetent when he complained. I can cite countless examples, but like you said, what good would it do. You would only do what you accuse me of doing, see only what you want to see.

The problem is, I'm an Olympus user, solely an Olympus user. No Canon, no Nikon, no Kodak, no Polaroid etc., but the truth is the truth.

When I see you being fair and balanced regarding those issues, I'll take you more seriously as well.


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