Canon 7D focus issue-new observation

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Re: If it happens in MF, it is not a focus issue.

Mr Ed M wrote:

rndman wrote:

plugin wrote:

I have no idea what is causing it (mine does not do anything like that), but if you are talking to Canon techs and call it a focus issue, you are making it harder for them to diagnose.

My suspicion  is that there could be some issue with the sensor cleaning mechanism. That is the only thing that can move the sensor. I know it ma not be moving back and forth, but that should be enough to create the un-sharp pictures..

It doesn't move the sensor, it moves the filter in front of the sensor.

Camera shake with a big long lens can be caused by a number of factors from the wind, to surface vibrations, to simply touching the camera.

Nothing new here that I haven't seen with reasonable explanation to the cause.

I agree.

But if the tripod is setup inside the house with subject being focused is outside, and you are just watching the image on the LCD from a distance. Now there should be no wind effect or touch effect. May be only floor vibration to some extent. Also the vibration just shakes the image it does not become wavy. What is the explanation to that..

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