Maybe it' my aging eyes, but.......

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Re: Maybe it' my aging eyes, but.......

fotolopithecus wrote:

Not resolving power, sharpness, the D7000, and D7100 have far more resolving power, but they seem less sharp to me.

Then it's time for a new prescription - I might give you the D7000 vs the D300 gen sensor, that's not quite as big a difference (I can still see it). But the D7100? That's easy. Too any pics around here. There more than a couple birds and some wildlife. The red fox & the owl - both images are sharper and have more detail than the 300 could ever hope to achieve, just not possible for that gen of sensor. There's more than a couple birds from the D7100 that even @ 100% every single feather is razor sharp - never seen that from a 300, ever.

Is it a revolutionary sensor? Nope, its simply a nice step forward. Is it worth the upgrade? Depends on the model you have now. Previous gen D7xxx/D5xxx? Maybe not, image is closer (unless you need a specific feature). Dated sensors like the D300 gen? Yep, it's better (unless say you need the machine gun buffer, then obviously not).

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