Future of Pentax?

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Re: Future of Pentax?

rwl408 wrote:

Barry Pearson wrote:

Are you saying that Pentax needs an FF camera so that buyers of smaller-sensor cameras know they have somewhere to go? Or that all buyers of Pentax dSLRs will go straight to FF?

You answered your own question- Pentax needs an FF camera so that people know they have a forward path.

I was really questioning somewhat extreme claims in the post I was responding to.

But examine the claim "The future of DSLR photography is FF, and the future is now. The APS-C sensor will dominate the mirrorless camera market...."

Suppose in 5 years time Pentax supplies some FF dSLRs. Will they also supply APS-C cameras? And will they be mirrorless rather than dSLRs? And if they are mirrorless, will they have built-in viewfinders? (Some of us don't get on well without a "proper" viewfinder!)

My observation is that electronic viewfinders have got significantly better over just a few years, and I doubt that they have stopped improving. I wonder what the market would be for a K-mount viewfinder APS-C camera? (Equivalent to a slightly bigger Panasonic Lumix G3 with SR built-in).

I've had 5 APS-C Pentax cameras: *istD, K10D, K-7, K-5, and K-5IIs. Each has had a better sensor than the previous one. In parallel, software has greatly improved, so that Lightroom (with its latest noise reduction & Photoshop & lens profiles steadily give better results than the previous software.

Pentax surely loves users like you - buy often.

I've been using Pentax SLRs for 45 years! One factor that influences new purchases is that I always have a back-up camera, typically my previous main camera. So when I upgrade my main camera, I'm also upgrading my back-up camera automatically.

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