a99 HOT SHOE does not FIT Radio Trigger and Flashes

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Re: Don't get me started...

Steve West wrote:

Sony owes us all an explanation (a detailed one at that).  I want to start by firing the flash team for the A99.


No worries the a99, NEX6 and RX1 all work great with standard flash triggers. I use PocketWizard IIIs, but Scott Robert Lim was showing off his Tiny Triggers at Imaging USA and WPPI and they look really slick.

The extra pins at the front of the Sony Multi Interface shoe simply add things like microphone input to the industry standard hotshoe.

Radio Poppers and PocketWizard (along with most 3rd party flash makers) balked at the fabrication cost to retool their products for a proprietary flash shoe. Going back to an industry standard hotshoe opens the door to a whole range of 3rd party flashes a triggers that are available for every other camera brand.

Really... Well they Will still need to retool to support the new hot-shoe  Sony didn't do anyone any favours here. All they did was screw their existing base and those manufacturers that did actually start to support their stuff.

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