Why Exposing to the Right (ETTR) is BAD!

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Re: ETTR and Blinkies.

Guy Parsons wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

The histogram gives much more valid information than the blinkies. I know your advice is given with good intent, but I think you should do some more in depth research into the use of the histogram.

That I fail to understand.

The histogram shows the exposure but has to be examined as to closeness of the data to the ends - the blinkies show that info much more readily. Way easier to spot the high/low limits.

Use blinkies for the actual photography, use the histogram in post to make things right.

Regards...... Guy

Ok. the blinkies have a use, they show clipping. But they do not show the real extent of the clipping just the areas, which are pretty obvious, the lightest parts of the picture. A glance at the Histogram gives so much more information about your expose at a glance. Over as well as under, how much, the distribution and how shooting to the right could improve the data in your image. Blinkies don't do all that. They are just a quick dirty way to see that you are clipping, no more.

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