Hotshoe extension cable with 2 hotshoes

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Re: Hotshoe extension cable with 2 hotshoes

Hi, Yes, I've had that fireworks thing too. 2 X 580ExIIs set to ETTL did that! These 'Dual' cords are tricky. Also, I've tried ETTL from one shoe while trying to drive an RF-602 Tx (early incarnation) from the other - that did'nt work either.

Note that your Yongnuo 'Dual' cord differs from 'Dual' cords from Ishoot and Godox. The Yongnuo 'Dual' tries to be generic (both Canon & Nikon) with its pin layout (female hotshoes), whereas the other two have separate pin versions for each brand (i.e. not just the cord's 'hot-foot' being brand specific).

Interestingly, if you search hard enough, you may find examples where your 'fireworks' under I/ETTL rule does not apply - but they do seem to be the exception. Cheers

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