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Re: part 11 -- the ultimate sharpness and noise reduction bracketing test ...

I've been having some weirdness with the flash still, but i've discovered awb is not always recognising number 3 flourescent lights properly. Good thing i can set it myself, but i went my daughters ballet recital the other night, and we had two different coloured temp for flourescent, one set of halogen, incandescent at one end, and a massive picture window with cool evening light. The camera really keeled over at that one! I had to turn the flash up, and use the custom white balance to 'tune' things. I'm never trying that again!

The flash still was underpowered at 8 feet away. It works fine in total darkness, but some lights seem to fool it badly. Not sure what's going on there. I've got a couple of slave flashes coming next week, so i'll be able to play around a bit better.

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