Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Re: Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

I have very recently switched from a 17" laptop running Windows 7 to a 21" iMac. My son-in-law, a computer programmer told me beforehand that making the switch from Windows to Mac was easier than the other way round.

He was very correct in his assertion. I, like many I would presume hesitated for a long time but now I would be very reluctant to go back to Windows.

Like you I use my machine almost exclusively for photography with LR4. There is no real difference to running LR4 on Windows, but as others have said, somehow the experience of using the Mac seems smoother, more responsive and altogether a more "classy" one.

I found the switch from IE to Safari, Explorer to Finder etc a no-brainer, in fact the Mac OSX is without doubt more straight forward and much more user friendly. Setting up internet connections, E-mail etc which I find a bit difficult was an absolute doodle. Upon first boot-up I was asked to specify Username, password, email address and one or two other details of a non-technical nature and the system set-up the internet connections, mail, calendar and the like all flawlessly.

As for the hardware: the screen is superb, the touchpad is incredible, everything feels robust and built with a touch of class. The wireless connectivity seems so far at least faultless.

As to the Mac being more expensive? I found this not to be the case with the iMac. My research seemed to indicate little difference in price when comparing like-for-like. (All-in-one style Pc's of comparable specification)

I would say the only downside I have come across is the keyboard which is as classy an item as everything else but mine is not the one with a number pad and does not have a number of keys that I am used to using: delete, print screen, home, and end for example. There are no "named" keys for these and no obvious key combinations for them (though I'm sure there are if i were to bother to try and find out). As I don't type much these are not that significant when set against all the more important aspects of the Mac.

At the end of the day I am one of many who have made the switch and would not go back. I still use a Pc at work and for me the Mac is just head and shoulders more pleasurable to use.


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