Is an ultrawide DPM possible?

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Re: Depends what you mean by "popular"

vbd70 wrote:

Photographers that shoot landscape / architecture would be all over such a camera. More, they would prefer such a camera to have a 18mm fixed lens with great IQ into the corners, than say a 14-24 zoom with image quality problems (distortion, CA, soft corners come to mind).

I agree. But i'm afraid that Sigma is maybe not able to produce such a high quality ultra wide angle lens at the moment. They offer some "world class" lenses like 35mm, 50mm, 70mm, 150mm, 180mm and even a fantastic 120-300 zoom, but there is no wide angle lens that matches the current Foveon sensor. Even the 28mm in the DP1m stands behind a bit.
I'm a landscape photographer and use the SD1 and 8-16mm lens. Its the best "ultra wide" for foveon but doesn't match the quality of the sensor by far.
I could use a Canon 5D MK2 with 17mm T/SE with sharper results.

So please Sigma, make this DP1 "W" with 18-21mm or at least a lens in this range for the SD1.


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