a99 HOT SHOE does not FIT Radio Trigger and Flashes

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Re: Works flawless with Skyport

jakobr wrote:

Just test my Elinchrom Skypots on A99, works perfectly triggering BRXi strobles


I use the same Elinchrom system. No more adapters when using studio/battery pack flash systems, which is fine.

For me, using camera flashes, studio flash systems and battery pack flashes, flash photography is about building a system that works. An important part of this is to find out what works and what to stay clear of before doing any investments. No pain at all switching from old to new Sony flash shoe  - earlier I had to use adapters, and now Sony are offering well built adapters from new to old system, so that I can use everything both ways - old/new and new/old. My old flashes works with my A77 and A99, and wireless is no problem. I just have to keep the needed adapters with the flash system  radio triggers and recievers. Not a big deal!

For the future I will stay with the new Sony hot shoe only, which means that there are one adapter less to care about. Not a big deal.

And who knows how Sony will implement new camera flash features for the future. The pins might add new functionality and make their camera flash system even better.

Also, every camera maker has their own propetarian flash system for auto/wireless functions, so there is actually no need for a standard hot shoe.

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