Fast BIF suggestion are welcome

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next step.

Like Jim said,  get a better filling of the frame.

The spot circle is small enough to pull more exposure into shot IF it is filled with the darker bird.You will get paler skies, but you can pull that up in PP. As Jim describes he overrides his exposure manually by adding some EV's to the exposure. Normally, when in matrix you would need to dial in more EV comp

ared to using spot on dark bird, but the effect is the same. You may need to do this because of the darker shadow areas of the bird, like you see in the front parts of the wings of Jim's snow owl.

About you AF not showing a focus point, this is the effect of the dynamic mode combined with release priority and focus tracking on short. The AF tries to use any of the nine points to find a focus. If the bird moves fast and you let any delay of the AF to change focus, you will be more likely getting oof shots... in release mode. If you want to know the effect, put it in focus priority. If the mode works properly in af-c, the camera simply will not fire in these occasions and your frame rate drops. Use focus tracking other than off only in those occasions when you may lose sight of a subject because of crowd or objects coming in between you and the subject. For erratic moving birds, set it to off. Together with better framing of the birds you will get much better AF results too although the battery may be empty sooner..

Other than this, you need to look into some AF fine tuning. I still get a feeling the combo is off somehow.

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