Why I Prefer the E-5 over the OM-D

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Re: And on and on it goes...

pris wrote:

Robert...  I appreciate your determination but not your cause. Again: when you devote as much energy to rebuffing 4/3 opponents as you do to defenders, I'll take seriously your claims of objectivity. As it stands, you are all too eager to jump on the throat of anyone who dares to challenge the former, and absolutely ignore quite nefarious behavior toward the latter.

You are astonished at my persistence, but not at your own, nor your own evasiveness which is blatantly evident. I asked you for examples, but you've produced none. I've made no claims of objectivity and I've explained my reasoning. Show where a 4/3's detractor has attacked someone personally or been the initial person to be abusive. You know as well as I do that such behavior would not be tolerated by member or moderator. Find me such a post. Otherwise, you are 50% of the reason this exchange goes on and on.

As I've said many times before, what I disagree with is a personal attack based on ANYONE'S assertion about gear whether 4/3's detractor or defender. I've said and always will say that the person who initiates the personal attack is who ought to be disciplined. It just so happens that in the majority of instances, (and believe me, I don't go looking for them I comment when I see them in threads I'M interested in) it's the 4/3's defenders who draw first blood.

Now, again you've been answered.


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