Maybe it' my aging eyes, but.......

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Re: Maybe it' my aging eyes, but.......

How are you viewing these images that are less sharp than a D300? I have never seen such a D300 that is more resolving power than an D7000 or 7100. Are you pixel peeping at 100%, if so, that is not a test of sharpness between two different cameras with different pixel size. 100%, pixel 1:1 is going to be much more magnified than a D300 image at 100%.

Did you mean to state that the DR highlights were better on the d300 or was that a typo? The D7000 is considerable better(and the D90 is slightly better) than the D300 so I would ask for controlled test images that support that claim. It has to be the first time anyone made that statement.

Getting back to the less than sharp D7100 images, how large of prints are you viewing and from what distance? I hope you are not suggesting that you can tell based on 72-97 dpi monitor displays.

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