Fujifilm X System suited as a travel/landscape camera

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Re: Fujifilm X System suited as a travel/landscape camera

I have spent years in Nepal, and done many of the treks, it is my favorite country on earth.  I have never used any of the X-system, but often follow it, here are some thoughts:

1) Which trek will you do?  You will definitely want more than 1 extra battery (I would consider at least 4).  Different treks have different availability to recharge batteries.  If I was going with only a Fuji X-system camera, I would take at least 5.  On the flip side, you will likely shoot JPEG which at least cuts down on memory used.

2) I was hoping this thread would contain lots of examples of landscape photos with the Fuji X-system.  I like the lens and lens line-up, I wouldn't be too upset not being able to go wider than - say - 14 (even the 18-55 as a one lens solution, or the x100s), but I am still weary of how the X-sensor does with landscapes.  I have generally understood this is not the ideal landscape camera but excels with portraits.  Would love to see examples howing me otherwise.

3) Lenses depends on you.  I agree that the 18-55 is a nobrainer for walking around. Most obvious compliment is the 14, especially for a trek, but there are plenty of arguments for the 60 (for compressing landscapes and sharpness, and I love macro in general), 35 (supposed to be the best lens in the lineup, and a nice walk around length) and even the 18 (nice small walkaround in KTM). If I were doing only two for a trek, I would likely go 18-55 and 14, but would probably take all four (minus the 18) myself.

Any questions about Nepal feel free to ask, I currently work in Afghanistan, but may very well be on that side of the world during the same time.  All the best, and enjoy!


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