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MisterPootieCat wrote:

panamforeman wrote:

I think Canon purposely left the "shutter count" feature out of the G15.....maybe. But, how about the Firmware number? There must be a way to see that? Ya never know, there may be a firmware update on the G15, like on the S100 & S110, which you could see the firmware number by hooking up to Zoom Browser or DPP.

Me thinks there must be a way!

With my G15 connected and CameraWindow DC running it reports a firmware version of if that helps. If Canon did release a firmware update I'm guessing they would provide some way of figuring out the installed version or would simply apply the update to all existing bodies. Or maybe base it on the serial number the way they did when the G10 update was released.

I don't know so I'm only guessing .. but isn't there any item in the camera Menu to see what Firmware vesion is on-camera ??  .. that's usual in many cases but as I don't yet have it in hand I just can't say.
But as the G15 is at present so recent..I don't really expect the Firmware to have been updated from v1.0.0.0. - seems a little too early for any later one just yet..
I cannot also believe there is no way to check the shutter-count actuations..  it was on the earlier versions with that sequence mentiioned in various posts here. but with the change of knobs etc it cannot now be done that way - but I'm sure there is some other way - simply doesn't seem to have been found or tried as yet by any owner at least on this Forum...
Darned nuisance really as just that would have given me an enormous uplift in satisfaction on this particular one that is coming to me , very much unknown or not fully verified in background and with a stated pic-count of 12 (!!) ..  I'm sure THAT denotes what could be a simple thing like a change of card that has thrown the numbering (as I DO know it has JUST been used to take a few sample pics and the card coming with it has been used to fill it with a back-up copy of the Soiftware + Manual so was not available..). a NEW card could easily upset the file numbering and now it is without the original real count.
If it does turn out to be seemingly fully OK I think I'll likely do a full reset and start again at zero in MY usage.  I KNOW I'm getting a bit obsesed with this but it all revolves around what I know so far and what I DON'T know.. but trying to find out in the ways that I've known before .. but which now alas just do not seem to be available on this camera just when I want it.

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