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Re: Moire...

So now i have to wait until Sept/Oct to replace my K-5... thats like 3 years, i know its a good camera but its getting old, come on Pentax we deserve the K-3 before fall!

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The K5IIs is a wonderful camera, but in all honesty, the main upgrade for me is with landscape shooting with my Zeiss lenses, there it is easy to see a substantial gain in IQ. For birding with the Sigma 500/4.5, I think a K3 with Nikon D7100-like AF upgrade and 24mp would be the way to go, only I hope Pentax has hold of a 24mp sensor that has the same superb noise control of the K5. Ghe Nikon seems quite a bit noisier at 800 iso than the K5IIs (which is really véry good at iso 800), and that sort of undoes the benefit of higher mp for cropping. Íf the K3 has the same DR and noise control as the K5 series at 24mp, and has a substantial AF upgrade that also improves focussing accuracy with the Sigma tele's, than the K3 would be thé birding camera.
But there's a lot of "if" (it seems that the K5IIs is dead accurate with the DA560, so we might have to settle with the temperamental Sigma screw drive focus inconsistency, even with further improved AF).
Also, 24mp is really stretching it on APSC, with the only main benefit being higher resolution at lower iso without cropping (landscape), because noise increase undoes other benefits.
Moiré is really the very least of concerns, the few times you see hints of it at full view, it takes about 20 seconds to get rid of it in Capture one or lightroom. Both feature moire- removal on a layer, so it does not harm the rest of your image. The K5IIs by the way, *seems* to have SR working better also.

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