NEX 7 autofocus problem

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Re: NEX 7 autofocus problem

I appreciate your advice, but it's not a problem of the camera choosing the wrong spot to focus on.  I tested the camera with various subjects using center point auto focus and found the focus was a bit off.  Then I tried shooting an almost flat panel on the wall.  I did this with 2 different lenses at 2 different focal lengths each.  The camera was on a tripod.  The results were always the same.  Below are 100% crops of the  exact centers of one pair of images.  This entire area would have been within the center focusing area when using autofocus.  I'm sure the black numbers on white keys would have provided sufficient contrast for proper focus.  As you can see, the autofocus image is a little soft.

crop of center of image taken with auto focus.               crop of center of image taken with manual focus.

I also have a NEX F3.  I tried the exact same test with that camera and found no difference between the autofocus shots and the manual focus shots.

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